Friday, September 18, 2009

Trying to catch up

July Happenings

July 29, 2009 Book review in The Sun Times titled “Canadian Music Good Enough to Read”. Andrew Armitage writes “For the first time in print, Don Messer’s growing-up years, his early struggles in the world of old-time music, and his public and private life are examined, all accompanied by rare photographs and meticulous research… It has been 38years since Don Messer’s Jubilee went off the air but Bertin brings him back in quiet dignity.”
That almost makes up for him describing the biography as “homespun’.

July 27, 2009
Interview on Live at Five. This was a huge amount of fun as I had never done a TV spot before. I had a fascinating time watching the CTV news team get ready for the show. I sat in the green room (which is actually painted blue) and watched this very professional group of people prepare and present the news stories of the day.
I did a signing that night at Bayers Lake Chapters. Unfortunately, (or fortunately depending on which way you look at it), the store had had a big rush on books with all the promo re: my interview on Live at Five that day and they only had four copies left in stock. Despite sending over to the Dartmouth store for more copies, we were still sold out in 25 minutes but I had a lovely chance to visit with Ron Noiles, one of Don Messer’s biggest fans. Dawn Attis (Don Messer’s daughter) came by as did Blain Henshaw who will be Master of Ceremonies at the Don Messer Celebration at the Hank Snow Tribute in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia August 13, 2009.

July 26, 2009
Book review in the Chronicle Herald Books titled “The story behind the persona. N.B. writer traces life of Don Messer, from farm roots to Canadian musical sensation.”
Stephen Clare writes that “Don Messer: The Man Behind the Music is a compelling and re¬vealing portrait of both the man and his times.”

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